About Vivalon

Founded in 1954, Whistlestop initially provided transportation, nutrition, social connection, and advice for Marin County’s older adults. As the years progressed, we broadened our reach to serve vulnerable residents of Marin County, regardless of their age, including disabled, chronically ill, and low-income individuals. We also expanded our geographic area to Sonoma, San Francisco, and Solano Counties, and our programs and services grew to encompass activities, Lifelong Learning, and Healthy Aging Services.

Over the years, we have learned that most people associate Whistlestop with just transportation, when in fact we offer so much more. Our research also revealed that the Whistlestop name may be holding us back from reaching our goal of continuing to expand our services and help more people.

So in 2020 we took on a new name, Vivalon, to underscore our belief that beyond our services of Rides, Meals, Classes, Care and Advice, there is something more vital at work. The force that powers our work is the energy that you feel when you receive human care and human attention. It’s what happens inside you when someone knows your name, or remembers your birthday, or makes an inside joke. It is a vital force of human interconnection.

Vivalon is an invented word that projects life, vitality, longevity, energy, and connection. The name Whistlestop will remain as the name of our transportation services, which will now be called Whistlestop Wheels by Vivalon.

Our goal at Vivalon is to help the individuals we serve thrive through the power of connection. We continuously strive to create programs and services that, through human care and attention, enable them to live a more vibrant, healthier, and happier life.

While we have changed our name, our traditions of care, service, and commitment to our community will never change.