Vivalon’s New Healthy Aging Campus – A Modern Hub Serving Marin’s Older Adults and Their Families

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The build is underway!

Watch a time-lapsed video of the building construction.

July 2022 to March 2023

Help Build the Healthy Aging Campus

Watch this short film that captures Vivalon’s vision for the Healthy Aging Campus: a model for others to replicate so that together, we can re-engineer the system to give us all what we want and need as we age.

Projected to open in 2023,

Vivalon’s new Healthy Aging Campus will be a central hub for all of Marin’s older adults and their families – a place to connect, learn, share a meal, attend classes and activities, and experience meaningful engagement with others. Along with 66 units of desperately needed affordable housing for older adults, the campus will encompass wrap-around healthcare services, accessible transportation and a myriad of programs designed to improve human connectedness.

Located at 999 Third Street, downtown San Rafael

The Healthy Aging Campus will be open to all older adults in Marin, not only those who live onsite.

Why It Is Needed

Marin is the fastest aging county in the Bay Area. According to the California Department of Finance report on changing demographics in the state:

By 2030, 1 in 3

Individuals in Marin County will be 60 or older, and the fastest growing segment of the population will be people over 85.

17,000 residents over 60

Do not have sufficient income to meet their basic needs, today in Marin County.

7,000 older adults

in Marin are currently in need of affordable housing.

elderly man

It’s time for a community-based solution to a growing community crisis. Vivalon’s Healthy Aging Campus will address the three needs most in-demand by older adults in Marin County:

Connection, affordable homes & healthy aging.

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Vivalon believes that aging is a community responsibility

rather than an individual or family issue. The high cost of housing in Marin County has forced many children of older adults to move away, leaving their parents without a strong family network and important resources. Since 1954, Vivalon has been a trusted community leader in providing support services to older adults in Marin County. The Healthy Aging Campus will enable us to do so much more.

Join us in creating this innovative landmark

where we can say thank you to the teachers, the civil servants, the business owners and employees who have lived in and served Marin County for so many years. Help us build the Healthy Aging Campus by pledging your support.


A Vivalon bus transporting a widow in her late 80s to the Healthy Aging Campus for a morning podiatry appointment at the integrated care clinic. Afterwards, she will join a Mah Jong game, followed by lunch in the Café. In the afternoon, she will meet with a physical therapist, and then attend a musical performance in the auditorium. Finally, a friendly volunteer CarePool driver will bring her home, along with a meal from the Café to reheat for dinner.

For more information about giving to the Healthy Aging Campus Campaign, contact Yvonne Roberts, Chief Donor Relations Officer: (415) 295-0578, [email protected].

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